‘Sour Raspberry’ by Old Abbey Ales


Old Abbey!


I've been expecting you Mr. Ball.

I’ve reviewed, like six selections from these guys already. They love Belgian styles and funky yeasts, which my palate adores and my guts.. Not so much. I’ll still drink them and suffer for it.


It's probably just me, no offense to the folks at Old Abbey.

I’ve been on a bit of a sour kick lately, as I’m sure my avid readers have noticed by now. I know my Facebook group probably noticed, because a lot of them can’t figure out how to turn off group notifications. I post pretty much daily and I’m certain people often open their Facebook and see that little ‘1’ by the globe and go “Ooh!… Fuck, it’s just another beer review”. Serves you right for not being able to figure out one of the simplest things on the entire Internet, MATT.


I painted my computer black so it will run faster.

Raspberries, man.

“Rasp-ber-ry, in my hand 
You feel alright but I don’t 
Know if I am
Oh I can’t change 
What I am right now, but 
I’ll be fine in the next life” I mother earth ‘Raspberry’

The pour is a dark fuchsia with a tiny bit of light pink head that disappeared immediately. Tiny collar, no real lacing.

The smells are fresh tart raspberries, and lactic sour zing. Tart and fruity. Pretty one dimensional, but I expected that. All raspberry pretty much.

I have a feeling I know how this is going to taste. Just a hunch, y’know?

The tastes are much the same as the nose, fresh tart raspberry, sharp lactic sour punch, tea leaves, funky yeast. “It’s kind of like a raspberry strongbow” said my brother, and I’d have to agree. He loved it, but then, he loves raspberry. “Milhouse likes Vaseline on toast!” My favorite fruit is probably strawberry, but that doesn’t always mean I’ll like it.. Fuggles. Looking in your direction. >_>

The mouthfeel is a bit viscous and sticky, with an overall medium body. Good carbonation, flavors (ie raspberries) hang on but don’t overstay their welcome. This is a sipper, not a pounder.

3/5 Good for what it is, but it’s kind of a one trick pony. Fantastic if you are a raspberry nut. One-and-done for me.




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