‘De Auras’ Wheat Sour by Driftwood Brewing


“My clan is Bravehearts / You move like Paul Blarts” – Ghostface Killah ‘Sour Soul’


There seem to be a lot of breweries going in to sour territory lately, which is just awesome for those of us who can appreciate this beer type. Driftwood Brewing is a big dog in the craft scene on the Canadian Westcoast. They undoubtedly have the most popular local IPA (fat tug), and they produce the absolute best ESB I’ve ever tasted (Naughty Hildegard), so I probably do have some unrealistically high expectations for this sour. I’ve only had one sour that really got my goat, and that was a Tofino Brewing creation (Hunt & Gather), so the heat is on!


Driftwood sports some of the finest labels I’ve ever seen, and this is no exception. It might be hard to spot in the picture, but the artwork is incredibly detailed and obviously very eye-catching. Now, not every brewery can have a Rembrandt creating their labels, and I probably sound like a skipping record at this point but I’ll re-reiterate: Branding and labeling is very important. Eye-browsers will be drawn to try this over, say, Russell Brewing. I guess we know who who to go to for graphics designers, now don’t we? (It’s Hired Guns Creative, check them out. They make the coolest labels.)


The pour is a slightly cloudy orange amber, with a very small amount of head that immediately ebbed to a tiny collar. Negligible lacing.

The smells are cider apples, dark cherry and damp rainforest dank. Has a tannin-like acidity to it. Smells very powerful.

The tastes are crabapple, lime, dark plum, grapes, damp grass, tannin acidity (again) and a bit of oak whiskey barrel. A nice fresh wheat backdrop. Flavors mingle and linger nicely, it’s not as powerful as the nose. It’s easily the least sour Sour I’ve tried to date. That is a weird looking sentence.

The mouthfeel is mid-light, with a bit of stickiness on the tongue and a dry finish. Flavors leave a nice warm afterglow. Good amount of carbonation.

3.5/5 This is a good, mid-complexity, sour. Nothing too fancy. If you like strongbow, or dry cider in general, try this. It’s a one-and-done for me.


“But baby, you’re still about as real as a three dollar bill” – Limp Bizkit ‘Sour’


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