‘Sunset Sencha’ Tea Infused Sour Saison by Dead Frog Brewery


Never done a dead frog before. Imagine overhearing that out of context?


Honestly, I’ve heard nothing but ‘meh’ reactions when Dead Frog is mentioned, so I’ve not bothered with them. I picked this up based on a recommendation from the wonderful workers at Firefly. I asked what they had in the way of interesting sours and they pointed me to this. It’s a good thing they pointed it out because I would have glazed right over this completely boring-ass label. Block letters on a matte black background, good job. Putting that much effort in to presentation makes me completely lukewarm on trying this.


You never know, this could be rad. I’m not drinking the label, after all.

Apparently this is a collaborative brew with Vancouver’s ‘The tea guy’. Cool. I don’t know who that is, but I figured it was worth mentioning. I’m ‘The beer guy’, nice to meet you.

So it pours a cloudy orange-tan with one finger of very active bubbly white head that waned to a haze immediately. Has a thin collar and no real lacing to speak of. So both the label and the appearance are not winning my heart over, however, my heart will go on.


The nose is strong sour lemon, orange zest, apricots and holiday spices. Getting a slight hit of sweet malt, like Apple crumble. This smells FANTASTIC. I suddenly got excited about drinking this. That’s how nice this smells!

The flavors are wheat grain, lemonade, crabapples, and tea leaves (something like pekoe). Very sour finish, gets you in the back of the jaw. It’s simplistic and it works really well.

Mouthfeel is medium and highly carbonated, it’s not a pounder by any stretch. Sour notes stick to the roof of your mouth and back of your lips, peculiar. Kept me reaching for the glass to refresh that buzzy tang.

4/5 Hell yeah! First impression was kind of ‘meh’ but I found myself enjoying it more and more as I went through the glass. Lemonade, tea herbs and wheat mix are the main players and it fits perfectly! Unique and absolutely worth trying if you are in to sours. This beer is a classic example of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’. I like.



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