Pilsner by Postmark Brewing


I really really like Postmark. They make fantastic beer, in fact, I haven’t had a bad or bland beer by them yet. Their fresh hop Pale Ale was exquisite and their Westcoast Pale ale is one I still remember vividly (tastes like a fresh rainy day!). I find the unique brews easier to recall; if I can remember drinking it, then it was definitely a damn good beer. These guys are the kings of pale ale in my books, and it’s an ever-expanding collection of books.


Their labels are beautiful! Each one is a different, high quality, landscape shot, that looks classy and unique. My only beef is they aren’t terribly descriptive of what’s inside the bottle. I just had a winter ale the other day and I had no idea what to expect. Winter Ales vary greatly in flavor scheme depending on the brewery and region. There isn’t one right answer. Is it vanilla? Is it orangey? It’s it? (What is it?). Does it slap your scrotum with spices? I need more here. I’m adventurous but I hate certain extracts like pumpkin or ginger, so it’s a roll of the dice. It’s not a game-breaker or anything, just a minor gripe. At any rate, it puts my palate to the test. I have to rely entirely on my senses to describe their offerings, and I’m fully confident in the veracity of my beer assessments. So let’s DO THIS.


The pour yields a crystal-clear, bright yellow, with no head, a tiny collar and no real lacing. It’s radiant. The clarity is amazing, I can see for miles (and miles and miles and miles and miles). Come to Butthead.


The nose detects wheat, feint grass, sweet caramel and several distinct floral notes that are difficult to accurately describe. It’s like the spice rack fell over and produced a combination of scents that my olfactory has never been introduced to. An absolutely wonderful aroma that I’m contemplating using as a deodorant if that wasn’t a ridiculously impractical waste of beer.


Tastes are delicate grainy malt flavors that are a bit sweet matching perfectly with the clean floral and spicy hops. Light notes of lemon, toffee, honey and earthy hop florals. Truly fresh tasting, and very flavorful. This beer won’t last long, I can’t put it down!

(and miles and miles and miles and miles)

The body is light, smooth and crisp, with massive character. This beer has a distinct identity, it knows what it is and doesn’t care what you think. This is the beer equivalent of lounging in a pool on a hot summer day. It’s very easy-drinking, I’m drinking it way too fast.

“Yeeeeew waaaaaaant it alllll but you can’t have iiiit.” Faith no More ‘Epic’

4.5/5 I have a new favorite Pilsner! This slightly edges out Bombers pil (still a great pil). I really like this. I will be getting this often. Great job again Postmark!


(and miles and miles and miles and… you get the idea) – The Who


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