Baltika #7 lager by Baltika Brewing


*throwback reviews don’t necessarily match my current format*

A Russian lager suggested by my vodka-loving, Putin-pundit, Russian-stereotype, friend John. The Russian suggests Russian beers. AGAIN. 

I can hear him now… “Fah-king shtew-pid” – John the Russian 

This beer has a completely unique cap that I’ve never seen before. It’s a plastic washer wrapped in thin metal (thicker than tinfoil), with a pull tab on it. Peel and pour like orange juice, but better because it’s beer!… I don’t have a drinking problem!… Yet! 


It takes practice.

I’m pensive, as I have a bias against beers from outside of my country. It’s like the water just doesn’t have that same awesome flavor of freedom to it. 

“Freedom isn’t free
No there’s a hefty fuh-kin fee
And if you don’t chip in your buck-o-five, who wiiiiiillllllll? 

Mm oh yeah freedom costs a buck-o-five…” – Team America (FUCK YEAH) 

Average carbonation on this beer, and an enticing smell of caramel. This is a refreshing lager, it tastes mostly of grain and wheat with a sweet sugary edge on it. Goes down really easy and leaves a pleasant toasty aftertaste. Minimal complexity, but sometimes simple is better. 

The water tastes somewhat repressed, though it doesn’t detract from the overall experience. I still can’t help but think that some good ol’ freedom water in the brewing would make this lager stand up to its fullest potential. 

3.5/5 As far as lagers go, it’s pretty good! These would go down nicely with watching Russians lose hockey games.




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