Pale Ale by Four Winds Brewing


*throwback review doesn’t necessarily match my new format*

I finally found some Four Winds. Every damn time I go to buy beer, I check to see if they have Four Winds and they either don’t have it or their sold out. So I finally got my hands on some, and it just so happens that they only had four packs of pale ale. I have no idea why they’re selling it in four packs but at least if it sucks, I’ll be less angry. (Four Winds, Four beers.. Duh)

Just less angry. Still angry, but not wholly.


The packaging, albeit classic looking, is not particularly eye catching or anything. If I were not tipped off about this brewery, I’d likely glaze over these guys in favor of something more flashy. These breweries are a dime a dozen now, and if they don’t differentiate by their labels then they are certainly missing out on impulse sales.

Let’s do this alphabetically.

Absolutely a bitter, bready beer. Clean, citrusy, crisp Cascades, dancing effortlessly in fruity flavors. Glorious hops intertwine just keenly in luscious light malty madness, a noticeably overly pungent ‘pale’. Quality really shines, though undeniably very wheaty. Xenophobic young zebra.

Now I know my ABC’s.


Kinda lost in at the end there. That was not easy to write.

But in all seriousness, this is a VERY hoppy pale ale. It almost reaches IPA status, despite the 30 ibu. Has a big citrus and grass punch that lingers, and bitter is better by me. Both Centennial and Cascade hops are present and it’s very noticed, as these hops are known for high citrus and flower flavors.

3.5/5 It’s unique and a pretty decent start to exploring their catalog of beer, provided I can actually find it.

*I’ve had every beer in their catalog now,  these guys are one of my favorite local breweries. They don’t have a bad beer in their lineup! Check em out if you get a chance, they’re fantastic!*



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