‘Amarillo’ Kettle Sour Ale by Powell Street Craft Brewery


Some dude wandered in to the shot. Gawl!

Tryin‘ to take a picture of my beer Ben. Fuckin guy. Probably going to the fridge. Hahaha! Ol painty can Ben! Always at the fridge!


I like to layer my references.

I really love a good sour. The best I’ve tried is still Tofinos ‘Hunt & Gather’. I have downed a couple of those and I’ll keep going back unless someone can provide adequate competition. So let’s see if Pow-wit-a-pow de dang de dang diggy diggy Powell Street Brewing can best the beast, shall we?


Kid Rock enjoys only the FINEST liquid shit.

The label is pretty blazeh. Blahzay? Blazay? My phone doesn’t like that word apparently. Fuckit the label is bland. Bland-did-a-bland de dang OK I’ll stop.

It pours a crystal-clear light amber, with no head, fine hazing and no noticeable lacing. A nice, bright looking brew.

The smells are citrus and stone fruit, a really nice aroma like fresh hops. Pleasant florals, like streaking through your neighbors garden. Not getting a lot of malt notes, a tinge of wheat. Pretty negligible. Hop-forward scent.

Tastes SOOPER SOUR buddy, with limes, crabapple, wheat (it’s there… Barely) and apricots. An interesting, fruity bang that stabs the back corners of the mouth like warheads. The candy, not the weapons of mass destruction.


Warheads. Not even once.

The mouthfeel is light, and somewhat sticky, leaves a sugary residue on the tongue like a soda would. Not particularly easy-drinking due to the extreme sourness, angrily curb-stomping your taste buds.

3/5 Ooooohhhhh damn she’s sour. Pretty good, but overall it didn’t really wow me. One-and-done.


Please retire already.


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