‘Smaug’ Stout by Central City Brewing




Where's China? Mordor?

I got this beer for $2.50 because apparently Central City lost the license to have Hobbit stuff on their labels.

For just over two bucks, I won’t even be sad if it’s terrible.

I’m paraphrasing what the clerk told me. They drastically reduced the prices to try and sell off as much as they could before the licence expired, and I reap the benefits! She was saying once the license is up they have to destroy any leftover product, which is a shame. I hate seeing good beer go to waste, bad beer can at least be used as toilet cleaner. Stanley Park.


Yeah I went there.

I’ve been to their brew pub in Surrey Central area, it’s really nice there! Highly recommend checking it out if you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in Surrey. It’s a bright little slice of heaven nestled amongst the crackheads and prostitutes. It’s like an exit sign at a Nickleback concert.


Nobody really enjoys Ramen.

The labels are pretty cool, even if they are limited. Can’t hate on nerd stuff. Actually, I totally can, and often do. “Gotta nuke something.” – Nelson Muntz

The pour is black as fuck. It makes Putin’s icy black heart look downright vibrant. Has a good two fingers of light brown bubbly head and some really nice retentive lacing. Whoa Black Betty!

Blam da Blam.

The smells are spices, alcohol, and mild floral hop. Smells hot and powerful, I’m afraid.

The tastes are dark chocolate, chili peppers, alcohol (blech), pine bitters, and earthy malt. Has a very light building heat from the chili peppers, which I thought I’d hate but it’s actually not bad.

The mouthfeel is typical stout. Thick and velvety, with mild carbonation. A sipping type of brew, no doubt.

3.5/5 Alcohol is not covered very well (8.5), otherwise pretty standard stout with a bit of hot spice. I found myself enjoying it more and more as I went, it kind of snowballs. It’s a one-and-done for me.




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