‘Harvest Ale’ by Off the Rail Brewing Co


OK, I think this might actually be the last wet hopper of the season, but I hope I’m wrong. I was going to quote that “closing time” song, but everybody hates that song now because it signals ‘fun times are over’ and I’m not done having fun yet. Why don’t you piss off, Semisonic. Where would I be in life if I let Semisonic dictate my life choices? Not fighting the bouncers, for one.


“Name your God and bleed the freak. I’d like to see, how you all would bleed for me.” – Alice in Chains ‘Bleed the Freak’. Earwash for bad music.

Did the labels last time, moving along.

The pour is clear amber, with a fine white haze and some decent lacing. Good lookin brew, but it ain’t no hollaback beer. Ain’t no hollaback.


The smells are citrus, somewhat perfumey, fresh bread, and a slight tinge of lumber. Yes lumber. Go smell it and say I’m wrong, dick. Question my nose. I don’t kick your things.


Tastes are very soft, flowers, herbal tea, more lumber and heavy whole wheat bread. Super reserved tastes but maintains complexity. Great balance. Delightful!

Mouthfeel is light and airy, unfortunately a bit watery, with fairly vigorous carbonation. This would be really sessionable, I can crush this.

4/5 This is really intriguing. It’s a really unique combo, not overpowering at all but still tasty and multilayered. A memorable beer with good character. I like it.


Oh shit I can gif? This changes everything!


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