‘Keepers Stout’ by Lighthouse Brewing Co


Winter is upon us! With the nasty cold weather comes the heavier brews, like stouts and porters and quads OH MY! I live in Vancouver, BC so it’s mostly wet. Not a ton of snow, thank FUCK! Stouts have really grown on me as of late, and I’ve yet to find one that is the pinnacle. Most stouts I try I have to compare to Guinness because it is the most prolific stout in the world, and I really like Guinness, but I KNOW there is a better stout out there… Just have to find it. I GUESS I HAVE TO DRINK MY WAY OUT!


Chief Wiggum for the win!

I really liked Lighthouses Tasman pale ale and their wet hopped dark ale, so I’m looking forward to this one. They have some clean, sharp-looking labels, but I think they could be a bit better. I’m not a graphics designer but I could definitely do better. I do like the unique bottles though, they feel throwbackish. I’m a sucker for a unique wessel.


And nuclear wessels.

It pours the darkest brown possible, if it were any browner I’d have to make an off-color joke about it. But I won’t. This blog doesn’t feature racist humour, just swearing and bad humor. And black humor. But not humor about blacks. I mean African Americans, or whatever they expect me to refer to them as now in this pussy PC society. I don’t get all bent out of shape when someone calls me white, even though I’m actually a French native. Or Frog/Chug. I prefer “Chog” if we get to name our own labels now. Oh yeah. The beer has no head, a tiny collar, and no real lacing. We’re talking about beer here.

OK, I guess this blog does have some racist humor then. Only for crackers, chugs and frogs.


It's not racist because I am one. That's what we've decided on.

Smells are an immediate hit of smokey cacao, and sweeter malt smells kind of like doughnuts. It’s a reserved aroma scheme, straightforward and pleasant.

Tastes are bitter dark chocolate, black coffee (shit, African American coffee), slight hit of dark fruits like plums and prunes. Rounds out with some roasty grain. Not bad.

Mouthfeel is quite fizzy and rather light for a stout. Drinks more like a porter.

3.5/5 Decent stout, but I still prefer their other brews over this. A good depiction of the style, but not particularly memorable for me. The hunt for the perfect stout continues!


MFW I still haven't found a perfect stout.


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