‘Chase my tail’ Pale Ale by Yellow Dog Brewing



*throwback review, doesn’t necessarily match my new format*

I’ve heard good things about Yellow Dog  and finally found a place that sells it that isn’t the brewery. The Town Hall Liquor store has a damn fine selection of beer and good prices. I see myself going there a lot. They’ll know my name soon enough… 

Yeah, I get ID’d a lot. 


'Get a human opinion'. I do, they all think I'm under legal age apparently.

I had a choice between the pale ale, wit and IPA. I went with the pale because it seems like I haven’t really found a pale that I LOVE yet. I’ve had some very good pales, but not an absolute knock-down, drag-em-out, put-em-back-in, lock-the-trunk, push-the-car-in-to-a-lake, type of pale ale yet. 


The pale I yearn for, in metaphor.

This is really laid back, fairly mellow as far as ales go. It has very low carbonation, so little I thought I poured it too perfectly. Nope, just has thin head that dissipated almost immediately. Tastes of citrus, berries, and earthy pine. Fair amount of complexity in here. The hops are much more prevalent on the aftertaste, giving the beer a ‘bitter build up’ of sorts. Leaves a lingering pine on the tongue. 

3.5/5 I like it, but it’s not the aforementioned knock out pale ale I so desire. It is merely adequate. Made it almost to the lake.


So I have to make a stupid face and wear a funny hat to look my age... Great.


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