‘White Rabbit’ Hefeweizen by Russell Brewing 


*throwback review, doesn’t necessarily match my new format*

Thanks to mah mum for getting me this one. People need to buy me beer more often! Yes this means you!



I dig the label, a classic reference to Jefferson Airplane I believe. That’s what I got from it anyway, maybe I’m wrong. Feed your head. 


Yknow fingernail biting is kind of immature for a grown addict.

I didn’t agitate the sum-bitch before I cracked it because I didn’t realize it was unfiltered. Oh well. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. *Turns out I accidentally did it properly*

This is a damn good hefe! Tastes of grapes and banana with a bit of unidentifiable spiciness at the finish. The notes are mild and not overwhelming at all. Good bready backbone and very low bitterness. 

At %6 abv the alcoholic content is hidden well here. This is an overall good twist on an already good hefe. 

“Gonzo- Back the tape up. I need it again! Let it roll! Just as high as the fucker can go! And when it comes to that fantastic note where the rabbit bites its own head off, I want you to THROW THAT FUCKING RADIO INTO THE TUB WITH ME!

Duke- Not me. It would blast you through the wall, stone dead in ten seconds, and they’d make me explain it!

Gonzo- BULLSHIT!” – Fear and loathing in Las Vegas 


4.5/5 A DAMN fine hefe with a unique fruit twist that doesn’t go too far. Hell yes. *I’ve had this several times now, and I stand by my rating. Still a fantastic hefe!*




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