Fresh Hop IPA by Powell Street Craft Brewery


How many more wet hop brews am I going to find? Seems like it never ends! That’s absolutely NOT a complaint, I’m just genuinely baffled. I seriously thought it was over weeks ago, but here we are. Here I am. ROCK ME LIKE A HURRICANE!


"I'm the only one here!"

I ain’t never tried me no Powell Street beers yet (me words gooder). Just haven’t got around to it yet. I’m not getting jazzed up based on the label, which doesn’t really stand out at all. The lovely beer store girl had to point it out to me when I inquired about their fresh hop selection, otherwise my eyes would have glazed right over it. I am fully aware that the label doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of the product, so I’m hoping I found a ‘diamond in the rough’ here. Actually, I hope I found an actual worthy gem in the rough, because diamonds are only expensive thanks to De Beers MONOPOLIZING EVERY FUCKING DIAMOND ON EARTH. FUCK YOU DE BEERS! FUCK YOU WITH A CACTUS!


Mr De Beers can lick my pouch.

OK, now that I got that mostly out of my system.

The pour is an almost completely clear golden brass color, with about half finger of off-white foam that faded to a nice bubbly hazing. Nice waterfall-like lacing going on. It’s mesmerizing, like a lava lamp.. Or a jogger in a sports bra.


What was I saying?... Oh right. Abs.

The aromas are fresh pine and spice. Nice citrus finish. Straightforward hop smells here, nothing wrong with that.

The tastes are strong fresh cut grass, sour citrus fruits, and faint foundation of whole wheat grains. As to the point as the nose is, minimal complexity. Tastes like it was just bottled yesterday, really crisp and fresh.

The mouthfeel is medium, smooth and refreshing, that fresh brew sticks just enough on the palate without overstaying it’s welcome. Spicey floral hop lingers around the edges of the tongue.

3.5/5 Decent IPA, worth checking out at least once. Didn’t melt my brain like some of these wet hoppers do. It’s a pretty crushable IPA, in that it’s not overpowering or too bitter.




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