‘Harvest’ Fresh hopped IPA by Off the Rail Brewing Co


“I’m going off the rails on a crazy train!”


The first time I tried Off The Rail Brewing was on a brewery crawl a couple of months ago. Luckily it was the first stop, because my memories of that crawl start to get hazy around the third flight. I’m not a lightweight or anything (I swear), but it was a long day of drinking and I don’t usually drink copious amounts of beer for extended amounts of time. I don’t actually like getting right fuckered, I prefer to maintain a solid buzz. When I do get really loaded, it’s usually accidental. My days of getting deliberately smashed have gone the way of the full head bleach and nu-metal.


Being the first stop, I actually remember being impressed with the quality of the brews and underwhelmed by the ambiance. The tasting room was very small, very busy and largely forgettable. That said, it was probably busy because they make damn fine beer. The only one I didn’t like was their cream ale, but I’m not a real fan of that style anyways. A buddy of mine filled a growler with one of their IPAs because he was so enamoured. But I digress, this review isn’t about their tasting room. This review is about Chester (the molester*) Bennington and his shitty nu-metal band.


No not really.

The labels are pretty meh, they are well done and somewhat sharp, but they just don’t ‘pop’ like they should. I need my attention grabbed, and this was more of a nudge. Needs work, see me after class.


This IPA pours a clear brassy amber, with a finger of dull white turbulent foam. Has some decent thick lacing going on.

Smells are pine needles, citrus fruits, oats and grain. Pine and citrus are the star scents here. I think I caught a hint of florals there, but it was swept away with that west coast hop crunch.

Tastes are thick pine and foliage, with sour citrus hits over a slightly caramel and grainy base. Big Cascade showcase here, with Chinook providing a real bitter ‘cling’.

Mouthfeel is medium-heavy and pretty ‘punchy’, every sip is a sensory jolt. Good carbonation too.

3.5/5 A decent Cascade display case, nothing more. It’s alright, but not one I’ll be back for. Seems to lack an identity. I’ve got deja-beer.


*As far as I know, he isn’t actually a molester. I just can’t hear the name Chester without making that joke. Phillip on the other hand…


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