‘Hop Attack!’ Fresh hopped IPA by Steamworks Brewing


What the fuck.

OMG. MORE FRESH HOPS?! A fresh hopped beer… In a bag. Hobo-ready! Just crack and stumble!


It's a fresh hop, Zeke! Put down the paint thinner and try this!

No idea what the deal is with this bag, but it DID catch my eye, and the art is pretty cool. I can’t imagine it has any actual application outside of the joke I just made. I suspect they didn’t want to order custom bottles, because they have fired-on decals. It was probably much cheaper to order the bags and bottle it in ‘collaboration’ bottles. Being a cheap ass myself, I can dig it. Eye grabbing AND cheaper to produce? Fuckin eh.


So it pours a crystal-clear golden amber with no head, just a mild haze and minimal lacing. Tis a beautiful looking brew.

The smells are pine resin and earthy notes, and a little bit of dough. Not an explosive aroma, which in some cases is just fine.

Tastes are fresh pine and citrus, melons, and floral hop. Crackers and subtle spice. Super fresh tasting, very bright and refreshing. Not a really bitter IPA, but still very flavorful. I’m really digging this! Steamworks has always been solid in my opinion, but never really blew me away. This is the best beer I’ve had of theirs, by far. A great mix of tart fruits, mellow fruits and potent grains.

Mouthfeel is very light and smooth, with  good carbonation. Flavors hang on very nicely, I could have a few of these but as is the case with most IPA, I’d start to get palate fatigue if I tried to session them.


Bears don't see color or sexual orientation, only delicious meat sacks.

Overall, it’s a delicious, low bitter, bright tasting IPA. I wasn’t attacked by hops; they weren’t even in offensive formation. Central City’s IPA attacks… Like it put your taste buds on ‘Will it blend?’. This is more like the IPA equivalent of a nice ol fashioned handy J.

4.5/5 Superb. Another fresh hop home run! This, Phillips and Postmark are the best fresh hopped beers of the season (in bottle), and Central City Brewing has the best fresh hopped Pale Ale I’ve ever had.




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