‘Inversion’ IPA by Deschutes Brewery


Deschutes week, day the fifth and final (for now)! Johnny numbah 5!


Number 5. Stupid name. Want to be Kevin or Dave!

I am not actually done with Deschutes, just for now. They have many more beers to sample, but I like to diversify my catalog, maaaaan. Awesomely enough, I got a Keychain bottle opener with this one. At least I think it was this 6-pack… It was either this or the Fresh Squeezed, I honestly can’t remember. But who cares? Free bottle opener! No more wrecking Bic lighters!


Good quality too.

On to the pour. It’s a clear dark amber, with a half finger of tan foam that ebbed immediately to a complete haze. Has some spare lacing.

The smells are strong cut grass, pine resin and hearty grains. A strong, bitter smelling beer, with a good, hearty, grainy backbone. Baby got back.


My anaconda don't want none.

The tastes are super pine resin, sap, tart dark berries, and a powerful cereal grain bed taste. It’s a weirdly balanced IPA, the grains are as strong as the hops. I can’t recall ever having a truly balanced IPA before this, it’s neat having the malt flavors as intense as the hopping.

The mouthfeel is medium and really smooth. Has good carbonation and the flavors hang around, with pine and bitters tapering off over time. Very nice.

4/5 The first truly balanced IPA ever? Maybe not, but it’s the first I’ve had. Remarkable, and worth finding. It’s a hair better than the Fresh Squeezed, in bottle.

So that wraps up Deschutes week. That was a tasty fuckin week, boys! I’ll be back.. With a vengeance.


Owl girl doesn't FUCK AROUND.


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