‘Mirror Pond’ Pale Ale by Deschutes Brewery


Deschutes Day 4! CARTWRIGHT FWOA!


.. Your name isn't Cartwright. I KNOW MY NAME ISN'T CARTWRIGHT!

I am enjoying this series a lot. It’s fucking scrumptious! I know you can’t taste what I’m tasting, but you could if you went and got some of their beers. Which you totally can, here. And you absolutely should. Seriously. The whole catalog is great.


It's the best, Jerry! The best!

I first tried this completely by chance at the Craft Beer Market in Vancouver, and was blown away. It tastes like no other pale I’ve had before. Remarkable might be an understatement because this beer is extraordinary. It’s a 5 on tap, trust me. Does the bottle do as well as the tap? It never does, but I can only hope it’s close.



This glorious intoxicant pours a lovely looking dark amber with no head, just a fine haze, minor collar and sporadic lacing. A fine looking beer. Yes, fine. Fine indeed.

The smells are grass, grapefruit, and floral spices. It has a certain’ je ne sais quoi’ to it that translates to the flavors. It’s highly unique, and I can’t say anything smells quite like it. Normally I can say “Well it smells kind of like ____” but not with this one.

The tastes are grains, stone fruits, and that wonderfully remarkable spicy floral hop. Mild and refreshing, this is a fantastic beer. So tasty. The notes are fresh and bright, and form an exquisite overall palate that I’ll be coming back to, time after time.

“If you’re lost you can look – and you will find meh
Time after time
If you fall I will catch you – I’ll be waiting 
Time after time” – Cyndi Lauper

The mouthfeel is light and highly crushable. I could session these and be very happy aboot it. In fact, I will. Later.

4.5/5 One of the best pale ales I’ve ever had, essentially perfect on tap but pretty damn near perfect in a bottle. This is a beer I’ll be back for, again and again. Time after time.


"So, has the summer of George begun? Or are you still decomposing?" "Decompressing."


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