‘Fresh Squeezed’ IPA by Deschutes Brewery


Deschutes week! Day 3d! TESTIFY!


Waste of a perfectly good flaming table.

Oh man. I had this for the first time on tap a couple months ago, and immediately fell in drunk. I mean love. Same difference. So I need to determine whether or not it can retain its bright, citrusey awesomeness when contained in bottle formatting. Make no mistake, this beer is fucking incredible on tap. If you like IPA, make sure you find this before you die. DO IT!


Never gets old.

The pour is a very slightly opaque brassy amber with no head, just light hazing. Has a very small collar and some nice, uniform lacing.

The smells are fresh grapefruit, grass, pine and melons. Very powerful, bright and fruity smell. It’s a highly enticing aroma for hop lovers like myself! Probably horribly disturbing to somebody that hates hops, but what kind of monster hates hops? It’s related to Marijuana, that’s kind of hard to hate.


It's Labrador.

Flavors are fresh grains, bread, pine resin, stone fruits and citrus fruits. Highly hop end and very bitter, but absolutely fantastic. It’s a complex, diverse palate that is not for the feint of heart. This is an IPA drinkers trophy beer! It would get a perfect score if it wasn’t so much better on tap. This is often the case with pretty much every beer, but is much more apparent with this particular IPA.

The mouthfeel is medium and really smooth, the bitter pine and fruits stick around the edges of the mouth. I’d probably only want a couple of these before palate fatigue set in.

4/5 A really good IPA. It’s pretty much perfect on tap, and pretty damn good in bottle. I think in bottles, the Inversion is the better IPA, hence the lower score. I need to make an Oregon road trip… Is weed legal there?


I see the world through bong-tinted glass, man.


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