‘Black Butte’ Porter by Deschutes Brewery


Deschutes week, day 2! (FIGHT!)


The Internet never fails to amaze me.

So their labels are kind of lame, BUT I noticed that they are rolling out new ones with updated graphics so I’ll reserve judgement for now. The old ones look, well, OLD. Like the beer has been sitting around for a while, even though it clearly hasn’t because Deschutes beer is fuckin gangster! OK maybe it isn’t ‘gangster’. It isn’t writing rap about drive-bys and pimpin hoes… Yet. Just sayin’, it’s a slippery slope.

Is it pronounced ‘butt’ or ‘byoot’? I prefer ‘butt’. Black butt beer. Not to be confused with the horribly unfunny ‘comedian’ Brent Butt, who sucks.


Almost as brutally unfunny as Rick Mercer.

So this one pours a blllllack, black (jack) with not much head, pretty much just a thick, light brown haze. It has a good sized collar and very nice lacing.

The smells are molasses, charcoal, sweet brown sugar and a mild floral top. Not a super powerful aroma.

The tastes follow the nose closely with molasses and brown sugar, rounded out with black coffee and earthy tones. The flavors start sweet then move to the bitter roasted coffee realm. This is a straight to the point, no frills, porter. Simple and beautifully crafted, it’s a great representation of the style.

The mouthfeel is quite heavy and velvety. This beer has LEGS. A mild fizzy amount of carbonation. I’m not pounding it, but I could absolutely see myself drinking this all night.

4/5 Very good porter. To the point, with a good palate. Deschutes can do no wrong, apparently.




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