‘Obsidian’ Stout by Deschutes Brewery


This week I’m going all-out on Deschutes Brewery. Day 1 begins now. All Deschutes, all week. ARE. YOU. RRRRRRRRREADY?



Still ready faster than her.

Heavy beer season is in effect, and that means more stouts, porters, quads and the like. Unfortunately, I really, really dislike pumpkin, so I’m just passing right over the ‘fall’ beers (fall beers are all fucking pumpkin) and heading straight to the winter stuff. Unfortunately, I also really, really don’t like winter Ales (or any beer type labeled as a winter brew) because they are usually either vanilla or mint. I like vanilla and mint, just not in my beer. Some things just don’t mix for me, like milk and pickles.


Or acid and driving.

Although, I believe most people wouldn’t like milk and pickles, but who knows? Some people get sexual gratification from being burned with a cigarette, or having their scrotum stepped on by ladies in high heels. I won’t judge (out loud).

I’ve had a bunch of brews by Deschutes, and I can safely state that they have a diverse amount of really good beer. I’ve yet to find one of their brews I didn’t like, so I’m going in with lofty expectations. I also haven’t reviewed any of their beers yet, so I’m doing a small Deschutes series this week, as I have saved up a few of their brews on top of my fridge from the various sixers I’ve been buying this past month. A Deschutes a day keeps the crippling depression at bay!


Oh yeah!

It pours pitch black, with huge head as is expected. I poured it straight to bottom, no tilt, Guinness-style. The head is light brown and bubbly, supporting a massive, honeycomb lacing.

The smells are molasses and coffee with a slight nutmeg twist.
The tastes are black coffee, dark chocolate, molasses, and burnt brownies. A delightful combination, as I do enjoy each of these flavors independently, except for molasses because ew.

The mouthfeel is medium and slick, and carbonation is almost zero (Dat pour) but still barely noticeable. Easy-drinking for a stout, I could have a bunch of these in a row easily.

4/5 Great stout by an excellent brewery. These guys hit every time I swear. If you can find Deschutes beer, you should try it. They make damn fine brews!

“Make’m sey UHHHHHHHH
(nahnah nahnah)” The timeless, prolific and brilliant, Master P – ‘Make em say uh’




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