‘Leaky Barrel’ Dunkelweisse by Green Leaf Brewing Co. 


*reboot reviews don’t necessarily match my current format*

This is the first Dunkel I believe that I have ever tried. Again a random selection. Mad amounts of sediment in the bottle, so I’m doing my best to agitate the contents without shaking the shit out of it. *I don’t do this anymore, messes up the flavor imo*


Slight agitation.

The monstrous amount of head on this beer resulted in a panicked rush to the sink. After slurping and spitting the excessive amounts of foam off, I noticed that this beer has a delightful cacao and coffee aroma to it. 

The taste consists mainly of chocolate and wheat with a roasted coffee finish, although none of the flavors are really prevalent. They work really well together, and are balanced superbly. This is quite a mild beer despite its nearly black appearance, the hops being only barely apparent on the finish. Hops are tart berries and a bit spicy.

The overall effect of this beer is peculiar, but refreshing. It tastes ‘old school’ but I don’t know what that means or even how to describe something so obscure. It tastes like the liquor store smells, but how it smelt for me when I was a stupid teenager. In a good way. 


Probably not even the stupidest thing he's ever done.

I know, I don’t get it either. 

This beer is heavy, like a meal in a glass. Not a all night type brew, by my estimation. 

3.5/5 As far as Dunkel Weiss goes, this appears to be the measuring stick. Not my favorite, but a decent change of pace. Pretty much a one-and-done.




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