Saison by Four Winds Brewing


Four score and several beers ago I tried a Four Winds brew, and I haven’t looked back since. These guys make great beer, and you would do well to find yourself some. I did well to find myself some. Do like I did and do well to find yourself some like I found myself, well.


A great Canadian actor. Confounded.

Well then, now that we’re thoroughly confused.

This pours a cloudy bright yellow, with enormous head, easily four fingers or more. Has no real lacing going on.

The aroma is a nice, simple hit of flowers and barnyard funk. It’s kind of a bright, outdoorsy kind of smell reminiscent of summer nights. Very nice.

The flavors are tart and a bit sour. Lemon from the Cascade hops, florals from the Tettnanger hop. Biscuits are the main malt player here. The result is beautiful, and is easily one of the more accessible saisons that I’ve tried. It’s straightforward and delicious, not too bitter and overall, a great representation of the style.

The mouthfeel is very light and the flavors are fleeting. It drinks much like a lager, super crisp and highly carbonated. Easy beer for a good session.

4/5 Very good saison. Straightforward and accessible for someone who might be new to the style. Tart and a bit sour, seems like a great hot day beer. Another excellent intoxicant from Four Winds! That’s an impressive and tasty catalog you guys got going over there in Delta!




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