‘Rum Runner’ Red Ale by Persephone Brewing Co


Picked up this red ale on the recommendation of a friend; a friend with great taste in beer (you know who you are).

“Better run through the jungle (do-do do-do-do-do)” – CCR


Doctor says I need to run through the jungle more or I'll see a bad moon rising on my cholesterol charts.

I’ve had a few Persephone brews before, in fact, I just reviewed their seasonal wet hop beers. Aside from the not-fantastic labelling, they are a great brewery, and I haven’t had a bad beer by them. They touch on many different styles and actually have multiple types of Pilsner, which I found interesting (and delicious).

This one pours a cloudy mahogany with a full 3 fingers of fluffy tan foam, the type that slowly settles in to a strange looking blob creature.


Well, fuck Google. That doesn't look ANYTHING like the beer.

The smells are powerful citrus fruits, light pine notes, and a hint of toffee. It’s a strong but pleasant aroma.

The taste is very mild compared to the nose. I get caramel, walnuts, brown sugar, citrus fruits, and aromatic floral hops. The sweet nutty malt flavors match up well with the citrus and floral hops, a very nicely balanced brew. I’m not disappointed that there apparently is no rum taste here; I hate rum. My brother did not share my sentiment; he loves rum.


He is pretty much Captain Jack, minus the rotten teeth and piracy (I'm the household pirate).

The mouthfeel is smooth, but kind of watery. It doesn’t seem to have the legs or weight of the average ale. Good amount of carbonation.

4/5 Very nice, a more malt-end ale with good use of hopping. Deep, rich flavors, this is one I’ll be back for again. Could be a bit heavier, but it doesn’t ruin the experience.

“Whoa don’t, look back to see
*epic harmonica playing*” – CCR


Harmonica is the kazoos successful older brother.


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