‘Hors Serie’ Gose sour ale by Les Trois Mousquetaires Microbrasseurs


So there’s this wonderful little specialty wine and ale store by my work called ‘Firefly‘ that has become my favorite place to grab my beer from, partly because of the excellent selection and also because the people that work there are super knowledgeable and friendly. They seem to love beer and beer chat as much as I do; almost every time I go there I end up picking up something a staff member recommends (they have excellent taste as well). This trip I asked for a recommendation in the sour realm because I still had the ‘Hunt & Gather‘ Kettle Sour by Tofino Brewing on my brain, and I was pointed to this by one of their staff. I’m feeling sour right now.


I swear there's a meme for every single situation.

I’ve had a Gose before, and I didn’t really dig it; it was just plain weird. I’m not sure how broad the Gose spectrum is though, so I figured “Fuck it, we’ll do it live!” and picked it up. It’s a regular sized bottle, so if it’s terribad I won’t be too sore over it.


'To play us out' what does that MEAN? THOSE AREN'T WORDS!

This pours a slightly cloudy sunny yellow, with a finger of pure white froth and some slight lacing. It ebbed quickly to a full haze.

The aroma is a strong sour lemon, with wild fruits and tart candies. Definitely a sour and tart smell that tickled the olfactory in a totally non-molesty way.


Old man McCain, gettin' his creep on.

The tastes are salty lemon, and coriander… WEIRD. Mild biscuits seem to round out a foundation but it’s a highly peculiar palate overall. Almost reminiscent of cider, but sour and salty with hard to pin spices going on. I think last time I got the ‘alchemists concoction’ feeling, and it’s happening again.

The mouthfeel is just plain fucked up. It’s kind of slimy… Not quenching or refreshing at all. It has good carbonation though, for what it’s worth.

2.5/5 I’m starting to realize that I don’t really like Gose that much. Slimy and salty, it’s just too weird for me. It’ll be a while before I revisit any Gose brews, it’s just not my style of beer. I tried to remain impartial in this review, because it might actually be a fantastic Gose. Fucked if I know. Proceed with caution.




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