‘Shake a paw’ Smoked Porter by Yellow Dog Brewing


I love these guys, they make great beer and the staff and environment are top-notch. A work friend suggested I try the smoked porter (award winning smoked porter) a while back, and he was righter than right; it’s absolutely deserving of the hype and accolades. This is easily the best porter I’ve ever had, and is among my favorite beers at the time of this writing. No dogs were used in the making of the beer, or this review.



I’ve tried all of their canned selections before, and written a review for each (all before I started this blog, I will post them up as reboots eventually). I can confidently state that Yellow Dog Brewing makes awesome beer, across the board. I’ve never had a bland or bad brew from them, a claim I can’t even say about the almighty Driftwood (they have a couple that I’m not high on).

It pours a deep black, black lighting shows a hint of deep, blood red, like Hal 9000 is threatening me through the beer.


Hello Dave. Is it me you're looking for?

You get one finger of light brown foam that ebbs to good size collar with very nice lacing, typical for heavier brews like this.

It has a sweet aroma of smokey Campfire, toasty brown sugar, red wine, and bitter dark chocolate. A wonderful menagerie that immediately gets my salivatory glands all wet and excited (kinky). The anticipation is palpable, my body is ready. Take me away, sweet nectar of the gods!

(Tay Khan me)” – Aha!


I'll... BE.... gone!

The tastes are impeccable, with molasses, sweet smoke, bitter coffee, and dark chocolate forming a coalition of delicious that I never want to end. Bah. Gawd. Absolutely amazing. It’s the perfect combination of sweetness and coffee-like bitter. I’ve had it on tap too and the cans do it justice.

The mouthfeel is velvety smooth, with a very light fizz to it. Feels light for a porter, overall medium type body on this bad boy.

5/5 I absolutely love this beer. Best porter I’ve ever tried, and among the best beers I’ve ever had. AMAZING work Yellow Dog, this beer is a mainstay in my repertoire now! Cheers!




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