Dark Lager by Steel & Oak Brewing Co


Oh Steel & Oak, how I absolutely love your smoked Hefeweizen. Can you possibly have more amazing beers? Can the caped crusader escape this treacherous trap?

Tuuuuuuuune in… Now.


How the fuck did we get in to this mess?

This bat-brew pours a deep, dark mahogany when back-lit, with no head and very minor collar. Lacing is very minor.

The aromas are wheat and funky yeast with some minor floral hopping, also getting hints of chocolate and brown sugar.

The taste… wow damn. It tastes like a porter made love to a crisp lager. This is unlike anything I’ve ever had before. Dark malts like coffee and chocolate with a crisp wheat overture. Also getting notes of brown sugar and walnuts. Perfect mix of darker style brews and a true-blue lager. If I were to try to compare it to another beer type, I’d say it’s reminiscent of a bitter or maybe a lighter ESB but it has a distinctive edge to set it apart from those styles. I’m enjoying the fuck out of this.


You can't arrest us right now; we're stoned and can't understand our rights!

The mouthfeel is medium because the heavy and light styles are jockeying for position. Good carbonation, like one would expect from a lager.

4.5/5 Excellent, unique, a real gem. Another home run from Steel & Oak, I’ll be back for more.




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