Friuitesse by Leifmans


So I had this crazy idea to try as many beers as possible before I die or the doctors tell me to cut it the fuck out, and this is going in the pile. For better or worse. Fruity, sugary crap isn’t really my go-to drink but I’m game for most any drink, as long as it isn’t some nasty liquor. I won’t drink liquor because it tastes like burning and I get way too fucked up off it. Not a fan.


*CLAP* yyyiiiip!

Apparently this is a beer. Yea, I know, it’s fucking pink/purple. I had to try it again, as I had it at the Craft Beer Market a month or so back and I remember liking it quite a lot. I want to see if it’s as good in bottle format. The box suggests having it over ice, and that runs totally countercurrent to everything I’ve ever grown to love and appreciate about a great beer. Beer doesn’t take fucking ice! What the fuck is wrong with the world today.


It's like they don't actually want me as a customer.

Well, as you can clearly see in the picture, the shit’s fuschia or purple or something. Something super obviously not beer colored. Has about a fingers worth of fizzy PINK head (ugh) that lasts a while, eventually ebbing to a minor collar.

Smells are all the berries, all at once. Full-on fruity rampage in here. Reminiscent of those marshmallow strawberries, if they were pureed in to a drinkable liquid.

Tastes like fruit punch. Tart and sweet I’m mostly getting strawberries and cherry, the bottle indicates raspberry elderberry and blueberries as well but it mostly smashes together. Fruit fuckin punch is the result.

Mouthfeel is sticky and fizzy. Much like a cooler, but slightly fancified.

4/5 Great cooler, ain’t a beer by my estimate. It’s like a cooler for people that prefer fruit tastes, over chemicals that mock fruit tastes.


Thumbs up! *CLAP* yyyiiiip!


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