‘LoLo’ Stout by Green Leaf Brewing Co


I’ve been getting down with more stouts lately, they are absolutely an acquired taste that I only recently forced my palate to acquisate (just made that word up). I actually just went to a concert where the only non-shit beer available was Guinness, so that’s what I ended up drinking all night amongst a bunch of grimey metal heads with their shitty Buds and Pils.


Sorry guy! Whoops! Sorry friend! Ah! Apologies buddy!

I’ve had a couple brews from Green Leaf Brewing Co before, the ‘Leaky Barrel’ Dunkel and ‘Pie Hole’ Pale ale, and I felt they were pretty decent brews overall. I’ve yet to find their ‘trademark’ brew that stands above the rest, if it exists at all. Is it the stout? Can jet fuel melt steel beams? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck was being a menace to society while drinking your juice in da hood?


The acid just kicked in.

I might have wandered a bit there…

This guy (I’m not your GUY, FRIEND) pours pitch black, with a light chocolate-brown haze and a big collar. Aromas are dark chocolate, coffee, and a red wine astringent type dryness on the finish.


Canadian arguments, guy.

The tastes are a super chocolate hit, roasty grains, molasses and a touch of nutty oils. Very deep and complex palate that I am enjoying quite a bit. The flavors are big and bold, this is a heavy brew that I couldn’t drink all night.


Mouthfeel is heavy and creamy, with a bit of tingling fizz. Flavors don’t hang on forever like it’s sticky, heavy brethren.

4/5 As far as stouts go, this is a winner. I’m not drinking it all night, but this is a beautiful winding down, night cap in front of a fire, type brew. Recommended.


... guy.


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