Fresh Hopped Red Ale by Bridge Brewing


I am sad. This is the last bottle of fresh hop beer I have this season. While it’s sad to say goodbye to a dear friend, I choose to remember the good times we shared. It’s easier to deal with the pain that way.


You were too young! You weren't properly fermented yet!

I ran through most of Bridge Brewings catalog a month or so back, and overall, they make really good beer. Their Kolsch and Black Rye IPA are fantastic beers that are worth trying out if you get the chance. Do it!



It pours a dark brown with two fingers of bubbly white head. The head receded, but never completely dissipated. Good lacing going on too.

The smells are massive citrus punch, grapefruit, and odd spices that are hard to pin down.


Tis the season, I hate pumpkin, fu fu fu FUUUUUUUUU!

The tastes are, sweet grapefruit, hard-to-peg spices, and alcohol (not covered very well). It’s quite a neat little package considering the 3 different hops and multitude of other ingredients listed on the bottle. A complex brew with a fairly simple but effective palate is the result. The alcohol content is present, but not unpleasant.

The mouthfeel is fairly heavy, and the bitters hang on the tongue. Medium carbonation.

4/5 It seems every fresh hop has its own unique character and thus is no different. Bitter, juicy, bold and expressive, this beer carves its place out among the litany of wet hop beers in a big way. Can’t wait until next year…




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