‘Harvest’ Fresh hopped Pale ale by Persephone Brewing Co


HI! I’m Troy McClure! You may remember me from reviews such as “Barley Breakout” and “Honey! I drank the Kolsch!”. Today we’re continuing the WET HOP Hootenanny, with a second selection from Persephone Brewing Co! Let’s take a look!


Cigarette, Mrs. McClure?
Troy McClure: You bet! From now on, she's smoking for two!

I already checked out their ‘Harvest’ IPA, this time it’s the Pale ale featuring Cascade hops as the star ingredient. I do love how they put the featured hop and the ‘picked date’ on the bottle. My only beef is the labels are pretty unremarkable, they look nice enough, but is that enough to stand apart from the competition? I went to these guys based on word of mouth, and I doubt I would have been drawn to them based on looks alone. I’ll just go ahead and be shallow in regards to my beer selecting.


Bartender! There's a butt in my beer.

It pours a light amber, with a half finger of bubbly white foam. The foam gave way to a small collar, and the lacing is sporadic and negligible.
Smells are wheat, bread, and mild florals. Smells sweet and a bit tangy.

The tastes are grass, wheat, cereal, citrus fruits and mild spice reminiscent of ginger. My brother also caught the ginger hints, it adds an interesting dimension to the palate. I hate ginger but this was really good.


Not all ginger is bad ginger.

The mouthfeel is super crisp, this is the definition of easy-drinking. Could easily down these all night!

4/5 Different, flavorful and crushable. Cascade hops are apparent and excellent .

And now for no reason, here’s Stone Cold stunning Miley Cyrus.


Gonna bite that tongue off if you aren't careful.


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