‘Green Reaper’ Fresh Hop IPA by Phillips Brewing Co


Beware! Incoming litany of cheesy ‘green’ references!

“It ain’t easy being green.” – Oscar the grouch

As a friend of mine recently put it, “I’m a sucker for great branding”. This label is one of the coolest I’ve seen; simple, yet eye catching and unique. I have only had one selection from Phillips Brewing before, and again I was drawn in by a rad label. These guys truly understand the importance of interesting branding that stands out.


I get my own zord. And special weapon. AND pimped out football pads... Bitch!

It pours a crystal-clear golden amber, with a good finger of white foam, and fairly ‘clingy’ lacing. It ebbs back to a sizeable collar after a few minutes.

The aromas are fairly reserved with grapefruit and lemon taking charge over a light wheat foundation. Has a neat sweet and sour range to it, I’d wear this as a cologne if that wasn’t an incredibly stupid idea.


"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE yeahyeahyeah" - AL Green

The tastes are fresh grapefruit, melons, and sour berries over light caramel and wafers. It’s quite bitter, but VERY tasty. The hop notes seem to rise fast but plateau before it becomes too nut-scrunchingly bitter. It’s quite the balancing act, pulled off flawlessly. This is the freshest beer I’ve ever tasted from a bottle, this is indescribably amazing.



The mouthfeel is remarkably refreshing, crisp and overall, pretty light. Capped off with a good amount of carbonation with a great fruity citrus and melon aftertaste. My brother, by his own admission, isn’t an IPA guy (I’m not your guy, friend), and even he’s digging it.

5/5 Holy shit, this is impeccable! I want more but I can’t have it… If you can find it, get it. Best IPA ever, perfection is dressed in Green! 100% flawless!

Hail to the new King of IPAs! The Green Reaper, baby!


RIP original real-life Green Goblin.


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