‘7 hop’ IPA by Rouge Farms


*throwback review, doesn’t necessarily match my new format*

Trying this Oregon brewery selection on recommendation from my buddy Joel.

I was going to pick the giant pink beer beside this, but it was some crazy fruit abomination that I wasn’t even sure was beer and fuh-huck that. So the Green Lantern, black power-fist beer it is. 

There’s 13 ingredients in this beer, which if you believe in bad luck, what the hell is wrong with you? I’ll break a mirror, while walking under a ladder, after crossing a black cats path, and never knock on wood that isn’t a door I wish to pass through, because I don’t believe in luck. I believe in ‘odds’ and ‘probabilities’. Math, bitch.


Unless you happen to be my friend Grant, then it’s definitely bad luck and the computer trying to screw you *throws hat*. 


Ah FUCK. I didn't write my name in it.

I do believe in Andrew Luck, because he’s a damn good quarterback. Although, early 2015 season is looking rough.

But enough about you, let’s talk about beer. This green lantern black power ranger fist beer is pretty average for an IPA in the way of bitterness. The malts seem to balance out the edge of the hops, but it’s still pretty bitter. How they managed to utilize 7 hops and not totally over-bitter this beer is an admirable feat. This is also one of the more ‘dry’ beers I’ve had, as the alcoholic content seems to stand out a fair bit. At %7.77 (bullshit) that’s surprising. 

I don’t know if it’s because they pimped out the ‘7 hops’ angle and it’s a placebo effect going on but this beer tastes chaotic and exotic. The hops seem to change as I go and get used to the unrelenting pine needles flavor. Turns in to grapefruit with a oddly out of place sweetness on the end that somehow works well. Malts are becoming more prevalent as I go, mostly toasted sugars and wheat. 

3.5/5 Pretty good, but didn’t really ‘wow’ me. A decent IPA contender for people that are looking for a unique hop experience.


Math bitch! What's the square root of 8? Square root of 8 bitch? Square root of 8?


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