‘Sooke Harvest’ Fresh hopped Pale Ale by Spinnakers Brewpub


Our intrepid hero continues his rambley, stumbling adventure through the land of hops and barley, with another pit stop in in the harrowing valley of fresh brews. This is the domain of the Spinnakers, and an encounter with the Sooke Harvest Pale is tale worth describing with nouns and verbs that form sentences. Here are those nouns and verbs.

In all my travels I’ve not ventured to the lands of Spinnakers, not from fear, but simply from a lack of time and volumetric capacity of my gastrointestinal tract. Also, beer costs money, and I’m far from rich. The kingdom of the beer is vast and I am but one man, but forge ahead I must, for it isn’t the destination that is the prize, but rather, the journey itself.


Annnnnnnnnd it's a bear. *runs*

The mighty Spinnakers pale appeared over the crest of the ridge, a dark honey brown with a half finger of dull white foam that settled immediately to a fine haze. There was minor thin lacing, and a small collar after the settlements laid their foundations and sowed their roots.

The smells of the deep valleys rolling to the high ridges were that of lemon, grapefruit, citrus fruits, and light grains. A squire appeared beyond the treeline and beckoned, “There be a fine feast in the towns!” he squeaked with a fucked up cockney accent. So I followed the little bastard, wondering how I suddenly ended up in the outskirts of old London.


Oyve cum ta gyde gee, eye av! Wots ahn ogre?

The feast was plentiful, albeit odd, with juicy grapefruit and pine resin piled over caramel and crackers. A striking and powerful flavor bouquet, fit for a king. Or at least fit for a suburbanite factory worker. The bitterness I anticipated was reserved, if there was a held resentment, it was kept in check. The smorgasbord was eclectic, lively and delicious. Then they started singing.


The feast was light, the tablecloths were velvet, and the whole experience left a beautiful aftertaste I won’t soon forget. The folk of Spinnakers are a hearty and refreshing people that left an indelible impression on me, I will not soon forget this journey.


Shitty domestic beer Avengers! Assemble!

So I tucked my bottle opener in to my scabbard and set off again at daybreak. I take a final look back over the peaceful valley, saddened by my departure, but hopeful that one day I’ll revisit this quaint town of wonders.

Hopefully next time I don’t forget my phone. Goddammit.

4/5 Worthy of my weirdest review to date. Unique, smooth, and tasty! Would ramble about again.

Onward! There is a beast I must slay, the locals refer to it as “Green Reaper”. This may prove a worthy adversary. *readys bottle opener*


For particularly stubborn brews.


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