‘Sartori Harvest’ Wet Hopped IPA by Driftwood Brewing


Ohhhhhhhh boy oh boy oh boy! A good great AWESOME friend of mine grabbed me one of these much sought-after annual wet batches from the almighty Driftwood Brewing! These flew off the shelves because beer hipsters are hoarding dickbags, so finding one of these was a great challenge that probably meant waiting in a line up or 5. I’ve reviewed a couple of their brews already, and aside from one ‘meh’, they have a wonderfully diverse and delicious catalog I highly recommend pursuing if you are afforded the opportunity.


Front the hat, to the glasses, to the tats, to the plaid, to the everything. I am very close to being this guy.

I’m just jealous of those with the ability to grow facial hair. #babyfaceat30+

This wondrous concoction pours an orange amber with about a fingers worth of foamy slightly tan head, that faded quickly to a mild haze. It’s got a weird glow to it, almost as though it’s proud of its own existence.


This might as well be me, minus the black and money.

The aromas are fresh grapefruit, flowers, citrus fruits, with a small wheat hit. The tasting notes are super fresh grapefruit and citrus, the flavors follow the nose closely. Floral hops, a bit of bread and wheat sweetness with a piney aftertaste. This brew is mostly hop end, as is to be expected for a wet hop IPA. Deep and elaborate, this is an interesting bright and bitter brew.

The mouthfeel is medium and fairly smooth with a good amount of carbonation. The nature of IPA essentially keeps this from being a sessionable brew, as palate fatigue would set in after a pint or two I imagine.

4/5 Very nice IPA. Complex, fresh and bright. Well done!

This is wet hop week, got 5 more lined up!

“A-hip, A-hop, a hip wet hop, and you don’t stop rockin’ “


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