Delerium Nocturnum by Huyghe 


This is the dark ale twin brother of Delerium Tremens. I actually had to look up what I was drinking because it doesn’t indicate on the bottle. Just says STRONG BEER, and I can’t argue with that. At %8.5 it’s only slightly milder than the Tremens. 


With the Tremens, he wouldn't have even made it to the washroom.

I like this better than the Tremens. It seems more balanced (as my brother put it). It’s slightly less fruity, slightly more bitter and the pungent barley they use seems to give it a nuttier, heavy bite. Add in the trademark Belgian yeast and BLAMMO you’ve got a sudsy killer beer.

These Delerium brews are very complex and I see why they get high ratings. That and the raters are probably accidentally drunk. 


The beer slipped and fell in to my face!

This beer, like it’s brother, needs to calm it’s tits with the carbonation. It will foam over after the first drink if you aren’t careful. Goddammit I think this beer doubles as Alka Seltzer. 

Makes me want to go to Belgium. After Germany. All for the beers, yes. 

4.5/5 I think this is more balanced than its brother. Belgium makes great beer and chocolate.




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