Delirium Tremens by Huyghe 


This beer has been ranked the #1 beer in the world and consistently ranks in the top ten worldwide. Are the Belgians THAT awesome at beer making? They fuckin better well be, because that’s a lofty reputation to live up to. If this isn’t good I’ll be sure to get the president of Belgiumium on the wire for a toasting.



First off, points for the neat bottle. It has a ceramic coating on the outside, kind of an off beige, with little black speckles. The colored foil adds a bit of extra ‘champagne’ fancy, not so much that monacle adjustment is necessary though. 

Apparently this is supposed to be drank through a snifter, and due to a lack of a snifter, it’s getting drank from a dimple mug. I’ll just throw this monacle in the trash now. 


Monocles can class up ANYTHING.

Holy shit this is beer needs to calm its tits with the carbonation. It started to foam over the second I popped the top, merely from the slight agitation caused by removing it from the fridge. Every swig is battling a mouthful of foam. It’s like the waterboarding of beers. OK.. maybe that’s not a great metaphor. 


The ice bucket jihad.

The taste at first seems unique, not amazing, but it starts to grow on you after a bit. It has a real complexity to it and every foam-battling slam seems to yield a new flavor pitch. Mildly fruity, pears and a good crunchy bitter afterglow. Strangely refreshing. 

This beer clocks in at %8.7 abv, but you wouldn’t know by the taste because you seriously can’t taste the alcohol. That makes this beer a dangerous prospect, indeed. But does an extra %3.7 REALLY make a difference? I’ll ask the floor later. Then I’ll get the toilets feelings on the matter. 

Goddamn the beer makes you belch like crazy. I hypothesize this would be a good beer to get in with the bro crowd. A good sized belch may put the Bros at ease and help with becoming accepted to the bro-partys. Possibly leading to arm-wrestling, ‘high-fivesville’, chest puffing and other displays of BROvado.


I'm bro-life.

This is, of course, speculation as I have no real-world data to back up these claims. Will amend once field tests have been completed and the results charted and extrapolated. 

4/5 A great beer to get accidentally fuckered on whilst belching like an angry Scot.


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