‘Destiny’ IPA by Fuggles & Warlock


Ah Fuggles, last we met, I was underwhelmed by a strawberry slap. I’m giving another of their selections a chance on the mound because these guys seem to get a lot of hype and I need to know why. So will this be a first & win, or a fourth & shit the bed? Join me won’t you?


I shit my bed... And pants, and a bunch of other places. - Red Robinson, probably

The label is kind of uninspired, but it at least looks well done. A cartoony hop over a shitty windows background isn’t exactly the next Van Gogh, and I don’t expect that level of expertise on a beer label, but if I had a nickel for every label that featured a hop bud on it, I’d be up a couple bucks. Fuck it.



The ‘Fug’ pours a murky orange-brown with no head, minimal lacing and a minor collar. The aromas are citrus, grass and stone fruit with a slight hint of detectable wheat.

The tastes are grass, citrus fruits, pine and melons, there’s a lot of complexity here. Spices and an oily je ne sais quoi give this brew an interesting aftertaste that I honestly, didn’t love. It’s unique no doubt, with 7 different hops it’d better be. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me.

Mouthfeel is pretty thick, not a slammer type beer. Tastes hang on, with an odd greasyness that keeps turning me off. I was so horney too. Now I’m at half mast. Thanks Fug.


I feel as though Obama deserves a piece of this blame.

3/5 Not bad, but not amazballs. One-and-done, this is not the Fug for me.

“Drinkin beer, drinkin beers
When beers are goin down you,
know I’ll be around to,
drink some fuckin beers ”  – Destiny’s Child ‘Beers, beers, beers’ (VanBrewverite lyrics)


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