‘Wolf Vine’ wet hopped Pale Ale by Hoyne Brewing Co


Ain’t no party like a wet hop party, cause a wet hop party don’t stop.


AHAHAHAHA I don't get it.

Hoyne Brewing brews are hit and miss with me, I didn’t like the Dark Matter at all but they make a really nice Pilsner. A lot of people rave about Hoyne, so I’ll eventually get around to sampling the rest of their catalog to determine whether or not those people suck at tasting things. For today, their seasonal wet hop release is on trail for the heinous crime of being a delicious beer (or bland, or gross, I’ll be the judge of that).

Hoyne! Approach the bench! How do you plead?


"She called me a loser, then banged the gavel and now I'm doing 8-15 in Rickers Island."

The pour is a dark amber with no head and a small beige collar. The aroma is powerful and peculiar. Smells are apples, pears, caramel and an undeniably weird aroma that I can only describe as “the taste of radish”. It smells the way radishes taste, if that makes sense, and it’s every bit as weird as that sounds.


"Put a look on my face like I smelled some piss UGH"

Thankfully, the tastes don’t follow the nose, because I’m pretty sure radish beer would be fuckin terrible. I like radish, and I like beer, and I don’t think I need to explain why I don’t want those tastes doing the tango on my palate. Tastes are apples, caramel, and very mild floral hops. Pretty tasty, although the flavors are distracted by the overwhelming sensation of radish vigorously attacking my olfactory senses. Every time I take a drink, the aroma turns me off, bit by bit.

The mouthfeel is light and crisp, I’d say this is very easy-drinking and a bit creamy.

3/5 The nose kills a point, otherwise, it’s pretty good. Super stanky brew.


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