‘Apparition’ White Ale by Four Winds Brewing


Ooooohhhhh YEEEahhhhhh!


RIP sweet, insane, prince.

I haven’t had a bad beer by Four Winds Brewing, and I am getting closer to believing that they don’t actually make any bad beers there. I think their ISA is ‘meh’ but honestly, I think all ISAs are ‘meh’ so that’s not really even a knock against them. They’re a fantastic brewery (friendly staff too) and I highly recommend seeking out their brews, in particular, the Juxtapose IPA, the Pilsner, the saison and the Wildflower saison.

The label is slightly different than the rest of their bottled selections. This and the juxtapose are done similarly, and I’d say that this is the more visually appealing choice. The other labels look.. Kind of lame honestly. This style is a bit sharper and ‘pops’ better than the vinegar labels they use for the other brews. I keep getting that damn Matthew Good song ‘Apparitions’ dancing through my brain….


This guy was hipster before it had a name to make fun of. #prototypehipster

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of him, it’s a Canadian thing. We get bombarded with bland Canadian dad-rock all the time on the West Coast, and I don’t think this guy ever achieved mainstream success outside of Canada.

This brew pours a bright yellow with a slight orange tint, and a half finger of head diminished to a light haze almost immediately with a good size, dull white collar.

It smells lively, with pineapple, melons and a touch of sour lime. The aroma is very pleasant, and seems really fresh.
The tastes are dough, pineapple, that west coast pine, and mild citrus bitters. Straightforward and obviously west coastish, this is an enjoyable experience, unlike Matthew Good’s ‘music’.


Aggressive aardvark don't give 2 shits.

Mouthfeel is medium and very smooth with fairly vigorous carbonation to it. Again, unlike Matt’s lame band.

3.5/5 Not their best beer (imo), but a good hoppier type ale that goes down easy. Probably a one-and-done for me.

Stupid ass song stuck in my head.

“We’re stuck 
Inside our own machine 

We’re stuck 
Inside our own machine 
– Matthew (not very) Good Band ‘Craparitions’


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