‘Hunt & Gather’ Kettle Sour by Tofino Brewing Co


My first crack at Tofino Brewing Co. I like sours a lot so I figured this is as good a place to start as any, plus there is a bear surrounded by blackberries on the label. Pretty much sold me right there, due to my love of all berries that don’t start with ‘rasp’. That includes elderberries, which your father smelt of.


And your mother was a hamster!

Teenage Mutant Tangent Time.

The neighborhood bear likes to pull garbage in to the streets because my stupid idiot neighbors are stupid and idiots for leaving their trash bins outside overnight. When I saw this on the shelf I thought of the neighborhood bear, who I have dubbed ‘Bear-ey’ because I’m not particularly creative. I bought this with the thought of ol’ garbage-strewing Bear-ey in mind.


Classic Bear-ey!

So it pours a clear brownish garbage, I mean amber, with no head, and a faint collar. The smells are blackberry, blueberries, wheat, and dry cider. Aroma is tart and fruity, and quite enticing. I like sours a lot (fits my sour disposition), so I’m already salivating over this.

The flavors are sour grapes, blackberry, and sourdough bread. The taste is much stronger than the aroma, and I’m perfectly OK with that because this is WONDERFUL. It’s pretty well balanced, with the malty dough providing a nice counter weight to the sour berry cacophony. This is not a beer for everybody. This is a gritty type of berry beer. This is sour as fuck. Reminiscent of old school type drinks that tasted bad but you learned to love them.


Goes great with old-timey spousal abuse!

The mouth is light, with good carbonation. I can crush this, but I’d rather savor it. Probably not a sessionable beer, as it is a very powerful sour palate overall.

4.5/5 Best sour I’ve ever had. Hands down. Bravo Tofino! I’ll be back.


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