‘Last Cast’ Summer IPA by Fernie Brewing


A random selection, the first I’ve tried from Fernie. The label made me think it was wine at first. Very plain labeling from this brewery. I can’t tell if they’re trying to be classy, or they’re just lazy and too cheap to hire someone to design a label that doesn’t look like it was created with Microsoft Word. 

So apparently, Last Cast is a fishing reference. Something about hoping good things for the last cast of the day or something… I don’t fish, gets in the way of the drinking. That and it’s insanely boring. The best part about fishing is when it’s over.


Surrounded by awesome, chooses to stand in knee-deep water, quietly. People are weird.

This ‘IPA’ (using the term loosely here) has a super zesty grapefruit hit. That pretty much encompasses the flavor pallet and was hard to detect anything beyond that. It’s pungent and sour but not truly all that bitter. Just sour as hell. I checked the bottle to confirm I am actually drinking beer and not grapefruit rinds, but the bottle seems convinced that this is a beer. Could’ve fooled me. Like, grapefruit isn’t even listed anywhere on the bottle… False advertising if you ask me. 


Fernie: There is no grapefruit in this grapefruit juice, we swear.

After I completed the majority of the bottle, I found I was still unconvinced I wasn’t actually drinking carbonated grapefruit juice. This beer is broken and whoever brewed it went too far. Your grapefruit-stuffed grapefruit, marinated in grapefruit juice, sprinkled with grapefruit, fermented in a grapefruit bowl, roasted using grapefruit as a fuel source… Has too much goddamn GRAPEFRUIT in it Fernie. GEE. I WONDER WHY. 

Look Fernie, I expected more from you. More than one single, sour-ass flavor. Pack up your cubby and turn in your gun and shitty label maker, you’re off the force! 


Noooo, that's the fridge and those aren't your peppers.

I suppose if you like all grapefruit, all damn day, than this will be your beer. I can’t say I’ll be getting this again anytime soon. Although grapefruit IS a good breakfast food.. Hmm. (!) 

I can’t believe that after typing grapefruit that many times, my stupid text prediction still thinks that I want to say graphics. Has the word lost all meaning yet? It sure has for me. Grapefruit. Grape FRUIT. GRAPEFRUIT. MEN-DOE-ZAHHHHHHH! 


Dammit Fernie!

2.5/5 Not bad for an alcoholic grapefruit juice, masquerading as an IPA. Not really worth checking out if you want beer (I wanted beer). 

PSA just as shit in the morning. Do not mix with eggs.


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