‘Timewarp’ wet-hopped pale ale by Townsite Brewing Inc


FAH LA LA LA LAH ok I’ll stoooop.


I heard a goddamn Xmas song in the Walmart yesterday. NOT. COOL.

I’m stoked about fresh hop season. Wet hop brews are hard to get hands on because goddamn beer hippies hoard the shit, despite the bottle limit that most places enforce. This is one of two that I managed to procure, the other being from Hoyne. I’ve never tried anything from Townsite Brewing, so what better place to start?

It pours a dark amber color, with little carbonation and no head or collar. Fairly typical fare for most ales. The aroma is wonderful with bright flowers, melons, and passion fruit. It SMELLS juicy as fuck.


Ho-lee FACK boys! That's one nice fuckin kitty right there!

The taste is surprisingly mild for 60 ibu, and taking the aroma in to consideration, I thought it would be a more potent taste. There’s crackers, toffee, fresh citrus fruits, and a big pine finish. The flavors are bright but not overwhelming, aside from the bitter pine aftertaste, that hangs on the palate for a long time. Has a medium feel with almost nonexistent carbonation.

3/5 Amicable brew that certainly didn’t blow me away. It’s a one-and-done, which is fine because I probably won’t be able to get any more until next year.


Make like a tree and FUCK OFF.


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