Belgian Style Amber Pale Ale by Dageraad Brewing


First crack at Dageraad, one of only a few craft breweries in Burnaby (at the time of this writing). The brewery is named after a square in Antwerp, the direct translation meaning daybreak or dawn. I drank this at dusk and in to the evening, so I might have ruined everything by drinking it at a time that directly opposes its namesake. I can’t stay up until daybreak and I’m not a morning person. Not really an afternoon or evening person either. I’m not really a person altogether, I suppose.


Venting on dumb people is a bit of a hobby.

The Dageraaders are in love with the Belgian style beers much like Old Abbey Ales, so I know what I’m in for.. Roughly. I do enjoy the Belgian styles so long as the yeast is not completely out of hand. Too much yeast absolutely wreaks havoc on my gastrointestinal tract, and subsequently, my toilet also felt the wrath of a beer with too much yeast. I will be pouring the beer off carefully from now on, for the sake of my colon and lower intestines. My guts are no longer made of cast iron like they were in my teens and twenties.


You get better at it with age, like a fine dickish wine.

The label caught my eye, nestled amongst a bunch of silly looking, overdone, Granville Island labels. It stood out based almost entirely on its elegance and simplicity, especially when juxtaposed with something an overcaffinated high-school kid probably designed in tech ed. Granville Island beer sucks.

The pour yielded one finger of tan-tinted, puffy foam that eventually settled to a light haze. The beer is Orange-brown color, with decent lacing.
The smells are grass and funky yeast (my ass clenched slightly at the reminder of past indiscretions).


Still suffering PTSD from that fateful Wednesday afternoon.

The taste is fresh bread, caramel, stone fruit, kiwi and a touch of molasses. Good complexity and flavor distribution. The mouthfeel is creamy and easy drinking with good carbonation that lasts throughout the session.

Overall it’s a good malt-end ale, and it tastes nice. My only knock is that I’m getting deja-beer, I’ve had similarly done ales and I’m not sure this will stand out enough to get me back for more.

3.5/5 A good malt-end Belgian ale. Definitely a sessionable beer but not particularly memorable, unfortunately. I’ll have to try another of their brews at a later date.

“Given the chance to improvise something new
Driven by lust to free my mind from me and you
Directed inspiration taking over now
Turning my focus over from why to how

And I will never

Take your bets
Make a choice
Sing the song With my own voice
Sober truth
A lie begins
Take your place
Mediocrity wins”
Leprous ‘mediocrity wins’ (great band if you like post-rock/prog metal)

the price‘ is absolutely phenomenal.


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