Tripel Belgian IPA by Old Abbey Ales


The final bottle from Old Abbey Ales, I saved the IPA for last (best for last?). These guys seem to have a Belgian fixation, which is fine, you’ve got to have something to set your brews apart these days considering how many craft breweries are out there now. They are multiplying faster than rabbits, often popping up literally right next door to each other (looking in your direction Twin Sails Brewing).


A craft beer brewer every 10 square feet. No public washrooms.

I absolutely love some of their beers, so I’ve been eagerly anticipating this one. On inspection I noticed that this has a shit tonne of yeast sediment in the bottle. At least a full inch of murky sludge is sitting there, looking rather menacing. Now, whether or not you want to mix it in, or attempt to pour it without getting a huge blob of yeasty goo in your mug, is entirely preferential. It absolutely effects the flavor palate and mouthfeel, and some people just don’t like thick, pasty beer with chunks in it. This is understandable, but I’m not a weiner, so I mix the shit up. It’s for the good of the review.


Passed out, for the good of the review.

Pour fa vor. It’s a murky honey color with a massive amount of bone white head. Easily 4 or more fingers, probably a whole hands worth if I could get the whole beer in my dimple mug. Vigorous carbonation is mixing the huge amount of sediment up nicely.

Nostril damus. Smells fresh and funky. Lime, pears, tangerine and a hit of barnyard ‘pyew’ make this an interesting smelling brew.

Taste ticular fortitude. Alcohol hit me right away… Not good. Juicy citrus, pears, melons, and a sweet doughy background. This is very hop-end balanced. The alcohol is very apparent but not unpleasant in this case.

The feels. It’s a heavy but smooth brew with a nice amount of carbonation. The citrus notes stick and linger.

Springers final thought. I found myself liking this less and less the further through the bottle I got. It has its place, that place just doesn’t happen to be in my heart. Don’t worry Old Abbey, I still adore the rest of your lineup.

3.5/5 Good at first, tiresome by the end. Fat amount of yeast sediment didn’t help, too funky for my tastes. A one-and-done.

“Murderer of blue skies
I can’t wait
To never be with you again
And I can’t wait
To lead a life that you’re not in
And I won’t break
Though I may bend
From time to time
I can’t wait to never be with you again.” – Chris Cornell ‘Murderer of blue skies’


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