‘Sublime Pineapple’ Hefeweizen by Moody Ales


First selection from Moody Ales. I picked this up a few weeks ago when I did the ‘moody craft beer crawl’ (literally two breweries, about 3 blocks apart) and it’s been silently judging me from the top of my fridge ever since. I have a prejudice against beers that advertise a particular flavor, because normally that flavor becomes the marquee note and I tend to get sick of it pretty fast. Like pretty much any raspberry ale can preemptively lick my butt. Don’t fuck with my beer, man.


If you have to add flavor, the beer is shit.

The pour is a finger of bubbly eggshell white with lots of noticeable carbonation. It’s a rich, clear, golden yellow color with small amount of lacing. The highly retentive head lasted right to the last drop.

The aromas are pineapple and citrus, and are less potent than I expected. This is a good sign.


Needs no explanation.

Tastes are tart and a bit sour with pineapple, grass and bread. It has a lot of flavor, the trifecta of different hops are apparent and create a big, bold overall character. It’s well balanced, with the bread and grass holding down the pineapple from being the overpowering force I was afraid would make me feed this to my overgrown lawn. Pineapple is not my most favorite of fruit.


Barber: So what are you thinking? Brosef: Pineapple. Barber: …Ok

The mouthfeel is crisp and very fizzy. This is not a beer I would session, probably a one and done. I found myself getting tired of it the further through the bottle I got. The pineapple isn’t overwhelming, but it’s not really my flavor. Well done beer though.

3.5/5 Well done Hefeweizen with a featured flavor that isn’t for me. If you like pineapple and/or Hefeweizen, this might be just the brew for you.




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