‘Tasman’ Pale ale by Lighthouse Brewing Co


My first time trying Lighthouse Brewing. I heard of these guys a while back because my company has produced tap handles for them for years now. The tap handle is pretty cool, it’s a lighthouse-shaped handle that’s unique and sharp looking. I’m not plugging my workplace here, not until they give me commission or something. Hint hint.


The labels are pretty boring, they need to commission special bottles that are lighthouse-shaped. You don’t even have to pay me for that idea, it’s on the house. Your welcome.

We pour. No head, lacing, collar or noticeable carbonation. Off to a good start. It’s a rich brass color, actually a nice looking beer despite the lack of active bubbles. Makes me want to repaint my cannon-cycle a nice shade of beer-brown.


These things are fabulous in traffic.

The stank. The smell is crazy times. Spicy pepper, flowers and dill (?!), creating an aroma unlike any beer I’ve tried to date. It’s not too potent, but it’s wildly unique and oddly enticing. If the palate follows the scent, I’m in for a wild ride.

The flava (flaaaaaaaaave!).


Neat spicy hopping, citrus fruits, stone fruits, crackers and a slight grain sweetness. Extraordinary flavors that are balanced very well. Other reviews seem to give this a bad rep, and I don’t understand why. Different strokes I believe, because this is good beer!

The body (Jessie Ventura approved). The mouthfeel is medium and crisp, very easy to drink. Has a very mild sparkling fizz to it. Crushable and savory.

4/5 A distinctive pale that has a wonderful character and boisterous palate. It might not please everyone, but fuck them, this is a tasty brew!



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