‘Prospectors Peril’ Blonde Ale by Barkersville Brewing


Well, I don’t usually go for blondes. I’m more of brunette guy, but I never like to limit my options (which are already limited enough).


Can’t imagine why.

Points for label creativity. It’s a cool looking, fired-on design that catches the eye.

It pours a fizzy, clear yellow with no head and a tiny collar. Smells are light grains… That’s it. Hoo boy.

It tastes like bud light (I’m terribly sorry). Nothing outside of mild grains, no noticeable hopping or complexity. I could slam this and probably go for a jog. It’s so boring I had to watch an episode of ‘Coronation street’ to wake up afterwards. So boring, the British gave it a talk show. So boring, Rick Mercer gets it to write jokes for him.


The physical embodiment of ‘unfunny’.

Fucking boring with a capital BLAND. The next blonde I try I’ll be sure to expect far less because wow this is a tepid beer.

2/5 I’ll have to try a different selection from Barkersville, because this was the beer equivalent of watching paint dry. It isn’t gross, just very plain. I’m not a light beer guy, so, grain of salt and all that junk.


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