VCBW Campfire Kolsch by Red Truck Brewing


Pretty sure this is a limited edition or something, at least if my inferences from the label are correct. Seems to be a collaborative beer with parallel 49.

A simple lumberjack style label is appealing to my Canadian sensibilities eh.
So how is it? Very straightforward. I’m kind of at a loss as to how I am supposed to describe this. It’s GOOD beer but nothing particularly unique.

It’s the Jesse Eisenberg (The social network) of beers, not bad but they could have found a more interesting and capable actor. Dude looks like a Michael Cera clone.


My gawd is this ever relevant to my rant.

Remember how completely mediocre “Candlebox” was? This beer is Candlebox. Or maybe Filter, they were pretty boring but not completely annoying. I’m totally trying to piss someone off here. A Filter fan is bound to get riled up. They aren’t awesome, and that’s not my problem.

Can’t forget about “Moist”! Not bad, but I’m not putting it on myself. This beer is moist. (heh)


Holding his award for ‘Most pedestrian band’.

Seriously though, this just tastes like an average Pilsner. So, at least it isn’t shitty and I don’t have to dump it out. Silver linings.


3/5 Regular ass Pilsner disguised as a fancy-pants special beer.



Seen here holding his wood trophy for participation.


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