Dry Hopped Saison by Old Abbey Ales


Yet another Old Abbey entry, because their beer kicks all kinds of ass. This time it’s the Dry hop saison. Every saison I’ve had has been wildly different, the only features that seem to tie them all together are: Monster head and a sourish palate. So, I have no idea what to expect, and coming from Abbey Ales, unexpected is expected.


See? Unexpected.

Labelling blah blah blah. Been there done FINISHED.

We pour. Half the mug is foam. Seriously look at the picture, that’s a half liter (almost 17oz) dimple mug. I wasn’t pouring it violently or anything, it’s just an extremely foamy beer. At least 4 fingers worth of lumpy, ivory foam. I kept dipping my enormous shnoz in it every slam. So much head it’d make Hugh Hefner call timeout. So much head I felt like I was in Sleepy Hollow.


Needs more head.

Which brings me to the aroma. Enough got up my nose to really get a good sense of what the JAZZ… IS ALL ABOUT…. YUH SEE! I’m getting a big punch of a flower garden with a little citrus twist. All up my damn nose.

I don’t normally drink saison. But when I do, I also end up snorting it.

The beer itself is a light amber hue with an obviously vigorous carbonation. I was expecting a powerful flavor based off the aroma, but this is actually pretty reserved. Tastes of fresh wheat with a hint of pepper that grows in intensity as I make my way through the glass. Has a nice, deep, complex, flowery, clean, bitter finish. Quite tame for a saison, especially with the dry hopping. Has a light, smooth mouthfeel with a little bit of tickling carbonation to it. This is one to be sessioned!

4/5 Well done saison! Not their best beer by my estimation, but hey, they can’t all be zingers. One more Abbey Ale to go, the IPA! *fist pump*


Excited. Maybe too excited..


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