100% Brett IPA by Old Abbey Ales


Time for the third bomber from my Abbey excursion a while back, the IPA. It might be hard to top that Belgian Pale. That one was so good I had to go and get more. I also picked up a saison and an IPA that I can’t wait to bust open.

Again, I’ve touched on their labels before. This one is called 100% Brett IPA, which is reference to the yeast used in the brewing process. Brett Drei yeast gets top billing here, so I expect a different flavor scheme here. Otherwise I’ll be introducing Brett’s sack to the toe of my Nike’s next we meet (we’ve never met).


He actually kicked two balls instead of the intended one.

So this one pours a mildly opaque, bright orange color, with about a half finger of pure white, fizzy head. The smell hits hard and weird. It legitimately smells like funky feet mingled with mangos and cantaloupe. A powerful, and oddly enticing aroma.


Great. Now Google thinks I have a foot fetish. Could be worse I suppose.

The taste seems to leave the feet and delve directly in to the exotic citrus realm, with the palate consisting mainly of mangos and dark tart berries over a somewhat doughy foundation. Has a noticeable Pacific Northwest hop pine finish to it. Complex and imaginative, this is a fabulous brew.

The mouthfeel is fairly sharp with a medium body. Has a pretty consistent fizzy carbonation that fed the head right until the last drop. I thought that the Belgian Pale was the top choice from Old Abbey, but now I’m forced to reassess my own assessments…. Ass.



4/5 Old Abbey Ales is fast becoming one of my favorite breweries. Their beers are imaginative, and very well crafted. If you haven’t tried them, I highly recommend making a trip to Abbotsford. Not to mention the girl working the till was gorgeous and had me severely tongue tied.


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